Rafig Humbat oglu Mammadli


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personal information

Date of birth: 13.01.1964
Citizenship: Azerbaijan
Residence: Baku, Azerbaijan


1982-1988 – bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at Baku State University.

1990-1993 – bachelor’s degree in economics at Moscow Finance-Economic Ins­ti­tute

Work Experience
1986-1992 – Scientist at Scientific Observations ‘Olefin’ Ins­ti­tute
1994-1998 – Office Assistant in ECHO (European Communication Humanitarian Office)
Since 1994 – Correspondent, Chief of Economic dept, Chief of Advertising dept. in ‘Azadlig’ newspaper, one of the most well-known newspaper in Azerbaijan
Since 2004 – 2nd founder of Baku ‘Book Club
2007-2018 – Freelancer at the Azerbaijani department of RFE-RL

Other experiences and projects
Journalistic papers on economic themes, analytic articles on macroeconomic …
2000-2001 – Statestipendiat in Germany (Niedersachsen, Hannover), the improvement of professional skills in the German enterprise
Author of the book ‘Young Citizen’s Passport’ (2000).
Author of the book ‘Short dictionary of the words of Arab and Persian used in Azerbaijani’ (2007)
Author of the book ‘ICQ - I Seek You - to find friends with the help of ICQ, talk and have a good time’ (2008)
Author of the book ‘English-Azerbaijani [explanatory] dictionary of computer terms’ (1st edition
, 2014, 3th edition, 2018)
Author of the book ‘K.Marx. ‘Kapital’. 1
st volume. [conspectus]’ (Azeri version 2017, Russian version 2018)
Author of the book
‘Modern IT glossary for students’ (1st edition
, 2018)

Member of Infor­mation Programs Committee of Soros Foundation, par­ticipated in discussions as Expert over Publishing, Internet and Media
in 2005 - 1st prize award for publication of 'Media key', the most prestigious journalist prize in Azerbaijan