Young Cititzen's Passport (in Azerbaijani)What is “Young Citizen`s Passport”?

Idea and the concept of the handbook has been taken from English version of “Young Citizen’s Passport” (author Tony Torpoh). However it was wholly prepared According to Azerbaijani norms, values and mentality. There are 11 chapters in the book – LIFE, HOME, FAMILY, SCHOOL, WORK, REST, MONEY, TRANSPORT, SECURITY, LAW and POLICE and COURT. There are also small chapters like “Your Law and The Status” (here main legal obligations of the youth has been shortly given) and “The Contacts” (telephones). At the end there are shortages from “UN Child Convention” and “About Child Rights”.

The handbook was approved by the Ministry of Education and was recommended for teaching in schools as an assistant book for the courses such as “Man and The Society”, “History of Azerbaijan”, “Basis of The Constitution of Azerbaijan”, etc.

First edition (5000 pieces) and the second edition (7000 pieces) was published with the sponsorships and was spread freely to schools, libraries and NGO’s along Azerbaijan.

From the Authors

Although this handbook is not a law encyclopedia, as a guide it can help young people to apply to the world of law which is so complicated but interesting. What is written in the handbook has been taken from daily events.

We are saying to the young reader that he (she) learned laws now. At the first glance they seem to be boring and hard to remember but in reality they are interesting and necessary. Once you learned laws, you will not forget them.

We are grateful to the initiator of the book - “The Open Society Institute-Assistance Foundation”.

The given samples in “Passport” are used on the basis of legislation of Azerbaijan to the date 01.09.2000.

ISBN 9952-400-01-02

The handbook was prepared for publishing by the company “Mammadli”

Rafig Humbet oglu Mammadli, Naile Seyavush gizi Tebrizli